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Emerson Exchange 2018
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Featured Sessions

GS-226985 - General Session

Opening session with keynote addresses by:

Joel Holmes - Chairman, Emerson Global Users Exchange
Keynote Topic: Welcome and the Conference Week

Live Polling

Mike Train - Emerson Automation Solutions

Robert B. Tucker - Guest Keynote Speaker
Keynote Topic: Robert B. Tucker is president of The Innovation Resource, and an internationally recognized leader in the field of innovation. Formerly an adjunct professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, Tucker has been a consultant and keynote speaker since 1986.

His pioneering research in interviewing over 50 leading innovators was published in the book Winning the Innovation Game in l986. Since then, he has continued to publish widely on the subject, including his international bestseller Managing the Future: 10 Driving Forces of Change for the New Century, which has been translated into 13 languages. His groundbreaking book, Driving Growth Through Innovation reveals the emerging best practices of 23 innovation vanguard companies, and his latest book, Innovation is Everybody’s Business, has been recently released by John Wiley.

As one of the thought leaders in the growing Innovation Movement, Tucker is a frequent contributor to publications such as the Journal of Business Strategy, Strategy & Leadership, and Harvard Management Update. He has appeared on PBS, Bloomberg, and was a featured guest on the CNBC series The Business of Innovation.

2.5 Hours General Session
1-156997 - Emerson Lifecycle Services Success - Celanese Chemical Clear Lake, TX Total Site Outage (TSO) In April of 2017, the Celanese Chemical Clear Lake,TX Plant experienced for the first time in its 50 year history a planned Total Site Outage. This TSO at peak consisted of 1000+ contracted resources onsite to perform all work. Emerson along with their Local Business Partner Puffer-Sweiven was awarded an Integrated Instrument & Valve Service Solution to augment the Celanese team. A total of (50) Team Emerson Contracted Resources by Celanese: (1) Onsite Outage Coordinator, (1) Administrator/Tracker, (5) Rosemount Service Lead Technicians, (34) Sub-contracted Instrument Technicians, (1) Fisher Service Lead Technician, (8) Valve Technicians, (1) Reliability Solutions Technician (AMS Device Manager diagnostics). 15,000+ Safe Work Hours Performed by Team Emerson with “0” OSHA recordable events! 45 minutes Workshop Greg Gattis - Global Instrument Engineer, Celanese Chemical
John Scott - Account Manager, Emerson
Dan Crainer - Account Manager Mechanical Services, Puffer-Sweiven
1-157437 - Beyond Compliance: Securing Critical Infrastructure using the CIS Top 20 Critical Security Controls In December 2016, executive management of a large Northwest Utility directed the organization to implement the Top 20 CSCs by the end of the following calendar year, which was a very ambitious directive. This session introduces the Center for Internet Security’s Top 20 Critical Security Controls, reviews their applicability to Industrial Control Systems and makes recommendations for deploying these controls in highly sensitive environments. Using experience form a recent “never been done before” project, this session reviews the benefits, challenges and lessons learned of moving beyond compliance using the Top 20 CSCs. 45 minutes Workshop Jaime Foose - Director Security Solutions and Lifecycle Shared Services, Emerson
1-159429 - From blind to one-eyed – A story of asset monitoring in cooling towers Refineries circulate thousands of cooling water per day to convert every oil barrel. This means that the uninterrupted and high-quality water flow is critical to condensate and cool oil and refined products. Refineries depend entirely on the proper functioning of the cooling towers to recirculate, extract and add replacement water for cooling process and equipment. Failures in the cooling towers can produce process slowdowns. Vibration, bearing / belt and coupling problems or an excessive load on the gear of pump and fans, threaten the production capacity, generate process slowdowns or even shutdown the entire operation. This paper tells the story of a cooling tower shutdown during the summer, the problems and extra costs the maintenance department faced and the technology implemented. 45 minutes Workshop Fabian Robin - Refining Leader, Emerson
Dorlysu Moreno - Reliability Solutions Sales Leader Southern Cone, Emerson
1-159439 - Control Wave Micro Retrofit TransCanada has over 800 obsolete Bristol 33XX products used for gas measurement currently in operation. We had implemented a replacement plan that utilized a replacement panel and a Control Wave platform. We needed to increase the number of replacements that we do each year in an attempt to stay ahead of the continued 33XX failures. We approached our Puffer-Sweiven Salesman to assist us with our need to design a replacement panel for the 33XX units. Our Puffer-Sweiven Salesman set up a meeting at Puffer-Sweiven's Panel Shop in Stafford, TX and provided us with Remote Automation Solutions (RAS) information and a panel designer that was able to help us streamline our strategy in building a new replacement panel. 45 minutes Workshop James Hagen - Measurement Engineer, TransCanada
Doug Chancellor - Account Manager-RAS, Puffer-Sweiven
1-159441 - Flow Measurement and Plugging Prevention in a Low Flow Oligomer Service A flow control loop has been implemented to pro-actively detect and prevent plugging in a low flow oligomer service. Which has led to process upsets and environmental implications. By utilizing a flow measurement from a Micro Motion T050 (1/2" ) straight tube Coriolis meter. And a Fisher "Vee ball" control valve. And setting up a control scheme in the Delta V DCS. Pluggage issues have been eliminated. The flow measurement provides a leading indicator which gives operations time to react to prevent potential environmental incidents. The Vee -Ball performs well at low flow conditions while having the ability to clear a plug. 45 minutes Workshop Dipak Bhakta, ChevronPhillips
Gil Hernandez - Account Manager, Puffer-Sweiven
Brent Galloway Sr - Sales Representative, Emerson
1-159826 - Building MVDA Model for DeltaV Batch Analytics using Historical Data From IP21 On-line MVDA was used for process fault detection (PCA) and batch quality prediction (PLS) in a cell culture production facility in GSK. The platform was Emerson DeltaV Batch Analytics using MVDA models built from historical data on a third party historian (IP21). Five production batches on two different units were tested. The MVDA models have been working as expected. With this flexibility in building MVDA models, on-line MVDA monitoring (PCA/PLS) and "Golden Batch" can now be readily implemented for all DeltaV plants with Advanced Batch or Professional Batch license 45 minutes Workshop Daniel Lessen - Process Informatics Manager, GSK
Rob Eames, GSK
Zuwei Jin - Sr. Industry Consultant, Emerson
1-159940 - When Cost Savings are Not Cost Savings – Project Management with Emerson is The Solution

Nominated for Best in Conference

In today’s environment, capital projects are under increasing pressure to come in on time and within budget. Major project coordination with international scope have resulted in communications breakdowns that created hurdles in project implementation. Frequently, we implement software packages and choose resources based on lowest purchase cost not best practices. As projects utilize more Generalists than Specialists, due to aging workforce and resource reduction, Emerson Project Management Org. (PMO) provides the area of expertise in Instrumentation that is much needed. Partnering with PMO allows Eastman to more successfully follow best practices resulting in reducing the engineering cycle while maintaining schedule which results in reducing budget.

45 minutes Workshop Ed Hicks - Sr. Chemical Engineer, Eastman Chemical Company
Steven Moore - Tennessee, Emerson
Steve Hansen - Corporate Instrumentation, Eastman Chemical Company
1-160008 - Who needs 3rd party PLC for fast data logging when you have DeltaV? For traditional MMS (Machine Monitoring System) high-frequency data logging, a dedicated PLC and 3rd party software are required to scan/record the data. We have developed a smart buffering application that uses DeltaV DCS analog input modules and standard DeltaV Historian to record data as frequently as the input module scan rate (i.e. as fast as 100 mSec for SX controller). Savings are not limited to PLC and software cost, but also include reduced engineering, wiring (by fully exploiting the CHARMS advantage), signal splitters, installation space, maintenance, etc. 1 Hour Workshop Juan Cuellar - Process Control Lead, Shell
Robert Erickson - Control Systems Engineer, Emerson
Darshan Shah - Lead Project Engineer, Emerson
1-160465 - How a New, Smart, Proving Solution Reduced a North American Terminal Operator’s Proving Time by 50% Newfoundland Transshipment Limited (NTL) is a marine transshipment terminal that gathers & handles crude oil production of the Newfoundland offshore oil fields, including ExxonMobil Hebron. The terminal traditionally relied on tank gauging methods for transfer. However with a new, highly viscous crude oil coming to the terminal, storing the crude would be cost-inefficient due to heating requirements. As a result, NTL required a metering system to perform an across-the-dock transfer. Emerson supplied an USM custody transfer system with an integrated bi-directional prover for measuring the transfers. Proving meters can require multiple proves of up to 20 runs to achieve compliance. To reduce the time and number of proves required, Emerson developed and incorporated a smart proving algorithm. 45 minutes Workshop Urvish Trivedi - Application Manager, Emerson
Jason DeWitt, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company
1-160543 - Improved Operator Safety and Automated Coal Fueling with Acoustic Solids Level Transmitter System Fueling coal bunkers at Dynegy – Baldwin and many other similar Coal Fired Power Generation Facilities has been a manual process requiring the operators to be subject to the hazardous environmental conditions present in the bunker room. Removing the operators from this hazardous environment requires a complete understanding of the level of coal bunkers that has been difficult in the past due to the difficulty of measuring solids in a dusty environment. A group of 13 acoustic level transmitters working as a single system in conjunction with intrinsically safe cameras, access points, and wireless tablets improves safety by allowing the operations team to understand the current state of their coal fueling system and enables them to control the fueling process remotely. 45 minutes Workshop Nicholas Grither - Senior Engineer & Group Lead, Experitec
Kurt Gieselman - Sr. Field Sales, Emerson
1-160668 - How Bayer minimizes cybersecurity risks using Guardian Support! Ensuring that product and security updates are applied to control systems has been a constant challenge to system administrators. With so many of these updates being released, the difficulties of keeping track of all these are on the rise, especially with the continuous threat of cyber attacks and pressure of minimizing any unscheduled downtime. This session will detail how Bayer's chemical manufacturing facility in Soda Springs, Id and Rock Springs, WY, utilizes Guardian Support to effectively manage the applicable updates to their DeltaV systems. 45 minutes Workshop Alan Hungerford, Monsanto Soda Springs
Buddy Ilao - PSS Marketing Manager, Emerson
Bob Cruz - Manager, Guardian Support Program, Emerson
1-160697 - Using Plantweb Digital Ecosystem to address Industrial Research needs at a University of Technology The Vaal University of Technology started to implement new Process Control and Computer Systems qualifications and this created an opportunity to include the latest IIOT technologies from Emerson into these programs to address the different work integrated learning, Bachelors in Technology, Masters and PHD research programs. With the new IIOT industry requirements to address these technologies in the research programs, it was decided to utilizing the Plantweb Digital Ecosystem, Virtualization, Mimic, DeltaV, DeltaV SIS, AMS ARES and Wireless technologies to address the research needs for the University and the skill shortage in South Africa. A Center of Excellence in collaboration with Emerson was established to promote new Emerson products, systems, technologies and career opportunities. 45 minutes Workshop André Joubert - Senior Lecturer: Process Control and Computer Systems, Vaal University of Technology
Elize Heuer, Vaal University of Technology, South Africa
1-160807 - Identify and Resolve a Highly loaded Control System - Celanese Chemical Clear Lake, TX In 2015, Celanese started up a new grass roots unit using the latest Technology available from Emerson. As with any new control system, there were many modifications and additions made to the Control System during the early months of start-up. The result was a very highly loaded Control System that impacted Controller Reliability and Performance. In a cooperation effort, Emerson and Celanese were able to go beyond the typical 1 -5 loading index to get a clear picture of the actual loading. This workshop will show how Celanese and Emerson were able to work together to identify and resolve our control system loading issues which improved our reliability. Failure to clear identify and resolve a control system that is highly loaded can result in very costly upsets. 45 minutes Workshop Roland Sims - Principle Engineer Process Control, Celanese
Gary Rhodes - Outside Sales Systems, Puffer Sweiven LP
Chris Spencer - Clear Lake Operational Technology (OT) Administrator, Celanese
1-160859 - A Nightmare becomes a Dream Come True: Migrating from a MOD5 DCS to DeltaV This workshop is a project summary which highlights the collaboration of Emerson and a customer to execute the successful migration to DeltaV from the obsolete MOD5, the proprietary Dow Chemical Company DCS. Because the facility was divested by Dow, the MOD5 system was required to be replaced. In addition, the MOD5 was not the best platform for the process as it did not have the desired flexibility. The project included a combination of 300 New IO, 3000+ Migration IO for PAS, and 100+ Migration IO for SIS. The key factors to the successful migration that will be discussed include: Front End Engineering and Design (FEED), reverse engineering, ISA-88, detailed planning, and customer involvement. 45 minutes Workshop Jane Kiekhaefer - Principal Automation Engineer, Arkema
John Epperson - Project Manager, Emerson
Joshua Meyer - Lead Engineer, Emerson
1-161120 - Wireless Safety Shower Solution Washes Away Time and Budget Constraints Dakota Gasification Company (DGC) owns and operates Great Plains Synfuels Plant. DGC constructed a large urea plant that utilizes CO2 and NH3 from another area. When it was complete it was realized that the safety showers had not been wired into the control system: 20 throughout 3 buildings. Two incidents occurred and made it clear that DGC needed a quick, cost-effective safety shower monitoring solution. Utilizing Emerson’s wireless safety shower kit, we were quickly able to monitor the critical safety showers and integrate them back into the Schneider Foxboro System. By choosing the Emerson wireless safety shower kit, cost of implementation was around $55,000 and a couple weeks to install. This solution produced a savings of $200K plus an installation time savings of over 2 months. 45 minutes Workshop Ryan Ahlschlager, Dakota Gasification Company
Trevor Harris - Account Manager, Emerson
1-161450 - Getting More Out of Wireless with OPC

Nominated for Best in Conference

HART-enabled wireless devices allow the user to gather lots of information quickly and conveniently, but sometimes 4 variables just aren't enough data. At those times, it's nice to have the ability to dig deeper and bring more information into your DCS for analysis. This session will explain how to extract additional data, such as battery voltage from a CSI 9420, via OPC and integrate it into DeltaV for analysis and preventive maintenance. The course will explain the tools needed as well as the methods used in a valuable real-world application.

45 minutes Workshop Bob Fogle - Process Controls Engineer, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions
Tommy Patterson - Senior Systems Engineer, R.E. Mason
1-161471 - My MCC is better than yours! Leveraging the advanced functionality of an EIOC The EIOC is a powerful new controller that helps facilitates Cargill’s adoption of Smart Motor Control Centers. Previously, Cargill had used DeviceNet to talk to their Motor Overload Relays and VFD’s. With the release of the EIOC, Cargill has embraced the switch to Ethernet from DeviceNet to recognize numerous benefits. In this session will look at the benefits, best practices, and some of the lessons learned when considering migrating to an Ethernet based solution. 45 minutes Workshop Mark Long, Cargill
Matt Forbis - Technical Consultant, Emerson
1-161487 - WDM as a WMD (Wyse Device Manager as a Widget for Manipulating Domains) The Shire plant in Georgia utilizes DeltaV Remote Terminal Servers (RTS) set up on the Virtual Host for connecting the operator interface terminal (OIT) thin clients to the system rather than physical PCs. The site has more than 120 OITs in 3 different product areas and maintenance area. WDM has been implemented to provide enhanced remote support for users, manipulate configurations and easily track assets. There are both ISO9 and ISO8 classified areas within the plant and WDM allows remote maintenance and configuration access to OITs, saving an least $150 in labor and gowning materials. 45 minutes Workshop Rafael Amaro - Sr. Principal Automation Engineer, Shire PLC
Byron Thomas - Lead PAS Engineer, Control Southern Inc
1-161542 - Midwest Refiner Saves 54% of Shutdown Turnaround Outage Budget with Digital Walk down App Emerson has created a digital application utilizing mobile work flow processes to improve customer asset data collection and evaluation of asset heath while greatly improving field service productivity. This tool simplifies and streamlines data collection that allows service experts to quickly record and digitize the installed base. This Midwest Refiner used the mobile app to generate a comprehensive overview of their assets while prioritizing their STO work scope all in one easy step. Emerson has transformed how walk downs are performed and the refiner is realizing the benefits of this new digital innovation. We will demonstrate how they’ve been able to almost eliminate scope creep and revolutionize their turnaround processes creating new efficiencies throughout the STO project. 45 minutes Workshop Scott Grunwald - Director, Global Shutdown, Turnarounds and Outages, Emerson
John Sanders - Director Global Shutdowns Turnarounds and Outages, Emerson
1-161566 - Can you hear me now? Bayer transforms operational workflows: proven results with DeltaV Mobile Generally, users still access and view process data through the same methods they used twenty years ago: fixed consoles, desktop applications, and operator graphics! Enter smartphones which enable intuitive, personalized interfaces to be created, bringing relevant data into your hands wherever you are. Consider Bayer's agri-chemical production facility in Iowa, which produces the active ingredient for Round Up. With eight production areas across four DeltaV Systems, Bayer was looking to raise awareness to certain process conditions and performance while reducing extraneous alarms for operations. Bayer's implementation of DeltaV Mobile is a story of driving better, faster decisions with increased awareness and access to relevant data, through an IT approved Plantweb architecture. 45 minutes Workshop Kurt Schlawin - Manufacturing Technologist, Process Control, Bayer
Ben Jackman - Global Sales Manager, Mobility, Emerson
1-161624 - Infrastructure Modernization to Maximize Automation Network Security & Reliability Janssen’s Malvern manufacturing site implemented a project to overhaul the automation network and infrastructure with goals of: minimizing cyber-security risks and disaster recovery time, maximizing uptime/availability, and reducing TCO by simplifying system administration activities. This project was executed with a tight shutdown schedule in a running GMP qualified production facility. The Automation Network was designed in alignment with ISA-95 standards and deployed common administrative functions for both our DeltaV DCS and SCADA systems, including secure remote access, integrated Active Directory, and automated backup and restore capabilities utilizing Acronis software. DeltaV Virtual Studio was leveraged to maximize system availability and minimize recovery time. 45 minutes Workshop Jennifer Delorenzo - Senior Automation Engineer, Johnson & Johnson
Zachary Robertson - Lead Systems Architect, PROCONEX
1-161626 - BP and Emerson Consider Cutovers Solved – A Live Migration of A Legacy DCS to Emerson DeltaV BP-Whiting successfully executed a live migration of a fluidized catalytic cracking unit from a 30-year old Honeywell TDC2000 Hi-way system to DeltaV. This hot-cutover migrated 2000 I/O in 12 weeks with no down-time while also replacing existing hard-wired interlocks with a DeltaV Charms SIS. The delivered system provided a broader view of the unit and its health with AMS diagnostics, wireless, and HART feedback. The overall success of the project hinged on a “One-Team” mentality between BP, Emerson, and others. 45 minutes Workshop Jay Grabbe - Sr. Project Specialist, BP
Jessica Sumner - Technical Consultant, Emerson
1-161799 - Agitators Health Monitoring: How to improve production ratio In a competitive environment, profitability of chemical units is critical. To reach expected outputs ratio, production units' availability and reliability are keys. Lubrizol France improve reliability of agitators and pumps on batch units to secure production and outputs while batches running. Thanks to vibration monitoring solution and associated services, Lubrizol team anticipated several mechanical damages, saved more than 400k€ and improve global reliability of production unit. With a Return of Investment (ROI) lower than 2 months on first pilot, Lubrizol deployed predictive maintenance and vibration monitoring on 29 essential assets in France. Currently Lubrizol is quantifying real and concrete gains made for 1 year and took decision for standardizing MHM for all Lubrizol sites. 45 minutes Workshop Jerome Desmoulieres - Lifecycle Servcies & Solutions Sales Manager, Emerson
1-161816 - Project Success due to Agile Planning The Shire (Baxter/Baxalta) Covington program is the largest greenfield life sciences manufacturing facility in the United States. Shire selected Team Emerson to provide the entire process control system scope of work including DeltaV hardware and software for 20,000 IO and over 1300 panels (control, network, charms, operation interface, solenoid, field instrument). This massive schedule driven project required discipline planning yet agile execution. All projects talk about team work, collaboration, communication, and skillful project management, but our teams executed, lived, and constantly improved upon these attributes creating an environment where everyone could succeed. 45 minutes Workshop Steven Pasternak - Associate Director, Automation Engineering, Shire
Halil Eker - Program Manager, Emerson
1-161868 - Augmented Reality: Digital Worker’s Toolbox Leveraging IoT Data and Remote Experts-BASF & Emerson™ Kim Hoeffken from BASF (presenter) along with Richie Ritter (co-presenter) will present the new digital tools that enable a digital worker to see augmented reality real-time data at devices, gain offline knowledge as well as place a remote assistance call if need be. Kim and Richie are subject matter experts (SMEs) of this technology as well as the people who are implementing the technology and infrastructure into their businesses. The discussion will define what these tools are and how BASF is progressing as well as how Emerson is progressing at integrating these technologies into the fast-paced and moving expectations of our digital workers. 45 minutes Workshop Jodi Johnson - Director, Perfect Execution, Emerson
Richard Ritter Iii - Technology Specialist, Emerson
1-161904 - Unlocking Refinery Operational Performance with the Digital Twin We've seen a lot of improvement over the years, but we've recently hit an era of diminishing returns. What helped contribute to past improvement was automation of production processes, but a key element to future performance lies in training the workforce with the technologies and processes they interact with every day. Seeing this opportunity, Husky and Emerson teamed up to develop a high fidelity, Lifecycle Dynamic Simulator for training on complex refining operations. Using Mimic and DeltaV Simulate, this included models of Husky’s FCCU, Main Column, and Gas Concentration Units in addition to a virtual copy of the production controls. This simulation was able to exceed training goals around system park and gas-diesel swing with the assistance of Mimic's new Advanced Thermodynamic Package. 45 minutes Workshop Yiqun Ying - Sr. Staff Process Control Engineer, Husky Energy
Zachary Sample - Project Manager, Process Simulation, Emerson
1-161933 - How to Succeed at Modular Construction, without Really Trying Regardless what name you give them, modular structures built and fully integrated off-site have become a staple for major greenfield and brownfield automation projects. It is well known the cost, schedule and safety improvements that come from this approach to construction. However there is a trade-off considering the extra level of coordination required between the owner, EPCs, automation vendor and building integrator to be successful. This presentation will highlight the approach SASOL used on the Lake Charles Chemical Project, partnering with Emerson for ICSS and RIE construction and testing at Emerson's North American Integration Center. SASOL was able to drive high standardization early in FEED with buy-in from all of the EPCs involved. This was a textbook Project Certainty execution. 45 minutes Workshop Solly Mabitsela, Ascend Performance Materials
Ron Mitchel - Project Engineer, Emerson
Mike Knittel - Sr. Operations Manager, Emerson
1-162008 - A Journey Through Time: How the Site Walk App Improves Flint Hills Resources’ Control Valve Future The Flint Hills Resources (FHR) Joliet plant produces an intermediate chemical, Purified Isopthalpic Acid (PIA) in America’s heartland. Under multiple owners, the plant processes have changed, without always reviewing valves and instrumentation, leading to under- and over-sized valves, missing or incorrect spec sheets, and obsolete products. FHR was interested in getting a deeper dive into the assets inside their plant, including control valves, but capturing data in a user friendly electronic database can be daunting. Emerson’s site walk app provided FHR insight to their critical control valves. This has led to a formal system of Valve Documentation – requiring an updated spec sheet anytime a valve is repaired or replaced and now with the right valves installed, improved process control. 45 minutes Workshop Nasir Badal - Instrument Engineer, Flint Hills Resources
Mike Leinhauser - Account Manager, Novaspect
Clinton Schneider - Director - Reliability Services, Emerson
1-162033 - Justifying migration of a Hybrid PLC5/Provox Solution to Native DeltaV The Starch Drying and Amphoteric control system is 22 years old operating on 30-year-old technology. With ongoing reliability issues, obsolete hardware, and difficulty to obtain rebuilt hardware along with a general lack of technical expertise to maintain the current system, it was determined to migrate. The current hybrid control system consists of Provox SRX/SR90 controllers with Analog IO paired with Allen Bradley PLC 5/80 controllers with discrete IO communicating serial to Provox. All control functions are in Provox. Important drivers of the project were to establish a “native” platform, an open system, integration of signal outputs into a DeltaV/AMS system for predictive maintenance, and ensuring a system capable of future expansion and advanced control schemes/techniques. 45 minutes Workshop Steve Buehne - Sr. Engineer, Ingredion
Marti Pohl - Automation Lead, Experitec Inc
1-162094 - Modernizing the Protection System of Critical Assets When faced with the fact that critical assets in their plant were being "protected" by old, archaic systems, Eastman Chemical decided to upgrade and modernize. Emerson's AMS 6500 ATG system not only provided them with the required ability to protect their assets, it also provided them the ability to monitor the assets with predictive techniques as well. The innovative solution of a protection and predictive system in one unit was a definite appealing specifications. The addition of a new Hydrogen plant at the Tennessee site will include AMS 6500 ATG units to monitor the assets. This, combined with Plantweb Optics, will provide a solution that includes notifications via email or mobile application. 45 minutes Workshop Steve Quillen - Senior Engineering Techonlogist, Eastman Chemicals
Brian Overton - Mgr, Sales Enablement and Training, Emerson
1-162115 - Flint Hills Resources Utilizes Control Valve Condition Monitoring to Provide Proactive Reliability Flint Hills Resources (FHR) operates a first of its kind biodiesel plant, known under the joint venture name, Duonix, in Beatrice, NE. The plant was acquired in 2011, and began production in fall of 2016 using an innovative new process to produce commercial biodiesel from a wide range of low cost feedstocks. Keeping the facility operational is paramount to supplying this high-demand product. One process that Duonix implemented in early 2017 to prevent unplanned outages was to utilize the diagnostic capabilities of their Fisher FIEDLVUE DVC6200 devices through a Control Valve Condition Monitoring Contract. The success of that program’s implementation and some early prevented incidents will be discussed. 45 minutes Workshop Austin Burk - Reliability Manager, Flint Hills Resources
Paul Wagner - Technical Sales Engineer, RS Stover
Rob Hansen - Final Control Project Specialist, Emerson
1-162180 - How to squeeze even more value out of your DeltaV migrations and upgrades This workshop discusses migration best practices and lessons learned that led to value creation from a large control system migration program at Covestro Baytown, TX; running over 7 years. 1) Plan: System integration planning with RACI chart helped reduce integration time and early availability for turnaround and startup. 2) Modernize: A newly acquired unit was added to the CSM program, leading to development of DeltaV modernization principles of upgrading the configuration to best programming standards. 3) Optimize: Implementing Best Engineering practices of Modernizing and optimizing operability by utilizing configuration cleanup and code optimization principles. 4) Adopt New Technology: Challenges and benefits of being early adopters: EtherNet/IP™ communications over DeltaV EIOC. 45 minutes Workshop James Suisse - Principal Engineer - Control Systems Expert, Covestro
Deepak Lunkad - Project Manager, Emerson
1-162198 - Don't Waste My Time! - Effective FAT Strategies

Nominated for Best in Conference

An ineffective FAT may as well have not happened - time and resources have been wasted, the budget is blown, the operators aren't trained, confidence is low, and now everything has to happen on the fly in real time with real equipment. No one wants that!

In this session, two Cargill DeltaV FATs will be examined - one that resulted in an expedited startup and one that resulted in startup being drawn out. Best practices around simulation, invitees, change management, and focus will be explored.

45 minutes Workshop Dan Mcdonald, Cargill
Katie Niehoff - PAS Engineer, Emerson
1-162215 - Bridging the gap between Projects and Operations: intermediate team drives project certainty. During a $5 Billion expansion at a Canadian Natural Resources Limited (CNRL) Oilsands facility, a unique multi-disciplinary team was formed to facilitate Delta V integration into an operating facility. The 6 DeltaV-zone, 30,000 DST, 140,000 bbl/day Horizon Oilsands Mine and Upgrader in northern Alberta, Canada was set to grow to 280,000 bbl/day. The joint Emerson/LBP/Canadian Natural Resources Venture team created and executed complex online database merges while navigating the plant organizational environment, obtaining significant business results. By eliminating DCS scope from mechanical tie-ins and removing the DCS component from the critical path, this drove project certainty during this 30,000 man-hour endeavor. All without interrupting production or a dedicated outage. 45 minutes Workshop Sachin Pupneja, Canadian Natural Resources Ltd (Oilsands)
Gordie Thompson - Control Systems Specialist, Spartan Controls Ltd
1-162425 - Late and over cost Commissioning and Startup? Not anymore! End users worked closely with the Construction Industry Institute to develop new best practices and new ICT list to improve CSU work flow and quality. And to identify critical success factors for effective on time and on budget startups. In last year’s Emerson Exchange, we discussed and demonstrated how modern tools such as a mobile worker, could help streamline work practices and improve efficiency. The course received nomination for best in conference. This year short course will discuss how to best utilize the new capabilities using the correct and most effective resources and services on site. And how to increase Commissioning and Startup efficiency by eliminating tasks and documents that are no longer necessary. New practices can reduce cost by 25-35% and scheduled time by 30-40%. 90 minutes Short Course Brian Nordmann - Sr. Director and CEO, Nordmann Energy & Consulting LLC
Marcos Peluso - Distinguished Technologist, Emerson
1-162430 - A Tale of Five Headers - Pyramid Engineering, Collaboration, and Simulation Spearhead Steam Controls Evonik Corporation’s Mobile, Alabama site had a problem: they needed to reduce cost by optimizing the use of lower cost cogeneration steam, improve instrumentation, and restructure steam controls to mitigate large steam import/export upsets. The site engineering team devised a plan to hardwire 30 steam import/export steam signals from many plants back to their Utilities’ DeltaV control system, to structure large scale feedforward controls with dynamic compensation and steam header decoupling. Through collaboration with multiple Emerson teams, extensive simulated testing of the new control system, and training of operators using the Emerson Digital Twin, the project was a major success. 45 minutes Workshop Aulmon Hayles - Controls Engineer, Evonik Corporation
Todd Jaco - Busienss Development Engineer, Emerson
1-192600 - How the Digital Twin helps start-up and stay-up on new projects Simulation has evolved over recent years.This has enabled the MPDS concept to be applied widely and effectively.The presentation will explain how the joint BP and Emerson team develop MPDS for BP major projects.The MPDS are developed in parallel with the ICSS and used for engineering design activities, testing/commissioning support as well as training of personnel.Issues can be rectified in advance of start-up, enabling start-up to be achieved more reliably.This results in a positive return on investment prior to the first start-up of the asset.Most recent MPDS also make use of Emerson's cloud hosting technology, providing a duplicate system to support testing and training.This presentation will outline how the digital twin provides a path to attain both project & operational certainty. 45 minutes Workshop Ronnie Bains - Director, Process Simulation Europe, Emerson
2-157788 - Implementing the Correct Pressure Technology to Upgrade and Optimize Difficult Chemical Processes With the transition from an experienced, aging workforce to inexperienced new hires and reduction in workforce, the culture in the chemical industry has changed. Selection and implementation of proper pressure technology is becoming more difficult in Chemical Processes. Corporate and Contract Engineering must adjust to provide simple, optimized, and reliable solutions, within budget and be able to integrate into existing processes, to address the following concerns: Proper Mounting Appropriate Range Corrosion/Erosion Fill Fluids Vapor pressure at operating conditions Type of Transmitter Flow Level Vibration/Pulsation Remote Seals When are seals applicable? Nozzle Sizing Controlled Environments Training Process Safety Time 45 minutes Workshop Steve Hansen - Corporate Instrumentation, Eastman Chemical Company
Ed Hicks - Sr. Chemical Engineer, Eastman Chemical Company
Chip Heard - Senior Sales Engineer, Emerson
2-157953 - The Computer and the Density Meter Save the Vineyard! Palmaz winery was trying to optimize the quality of their wine fermentation process by getting an online Brix concentration measurement of the wine while it ferments using a Micro Motion Fork Density Meter (FDM). Palmaz winery continues to lead the wine industry by integrating new technologies into their processes. Palmaz's vision was to create a computer-run winery that could operate independent from human control while maintaining superb quality. This system was tested by the fires in Sonoma California and saved the winery (and $10 million in wine)! 45 minutes Workshop Christian Palmaz - CEO, Palmaz Vineyards
Hans Loewenheath - Product Specialist, Emerson
David Schratz, Emerson
2-158335 - Have a Cold One: Dual Conductivity Solution Stops Chillers from Ruining Beer

Nominated for Best in Conference

In many industries Ammonia Chillers are used because they are powerful and efficient. The problem is that if the ammonia leaks into the product you have ruined at least the batch. Trying to determine when it happened and its impact on production is almost impossible, so if it happens all product associated with the failure goes to waste. Knowledge of the event is especially critical in plants producing small packages. When did it happen? How many are compromised?There is no direct on line measurement that will handle Clean in Place. Ammonia chillers are used frequently in F&B, pharma and water.

45 minutes Workshop Marta Horofker, Molson Coors
Lewis van Kamp - Technical Sales Specialist, Lakeside Process Controls
2-158352 - Reduction of Lease Operating Costs through Implementation of Magnetic Flow Meters Current hydrocarbon commodity prices have forced Marathon Oil to cut costs and focus on long term reliability. As a pure cost to Marathon, measurement of produced water has typically only warranted the least expensive technology being “throw away” turbine meters. While turbine meters provide a degree of accuracy, their reliability is low and operating costs are high. Routinely, maintenance technicians are replacing the internals; and in some cases, the entire meter as a result of damage by debris in the water line. These unplanned maintenance activities are a disruption to continuous operations, and result in unwanted expenditures on parts, repair and labor. By switching to low power magnetic flow meters, Marathon was able to save over $450K per annum in operating costs. 45 minutes Workshop Joey Cowley - Operation Support Superintendent, Marathon Oil
Alice Wirtz - Sales Representative, Emerson
2-159143 - IIoT – The Evolution of Transforming Data into Insights While the digitization of production processes and equipment has been widely available in the industry, the aggregation of raw data into valuable insights is still a challenge for many applications. In this talk, Weidmüller will present an approach which utilizes today’s digitization infrastructure to develop opportunities to improve efficiency and availability in the process industry: Machine Learning. 45 minutes Workshop Kevin Wolter - Global Key Account Manager, Emerson, Weidmueller
2-159619 - Measuring Real-Time Gas Specific Gravity Will Save You Money!

Nominated for Best in Conference

Hutchinson Utilities owns and operates a natural gas transmission pipeline in Minnesota. As new wells are tapped & introduced to the supply gas composition can change. Hutchinson had to refund $1.8M in over-billing of natural gas usage during a 2 year period due to a difference between Hutchinson's customer's volume flow measurement and Hutchinson's Coriolis mass flow measurement, which saw as high as a 7% difference due to changes in composition. As a result, they installed Micro Motion Gas Specific Gravity Meters (SGM) on interconnect stations to correct in real-time their mass flow measurement to a corrected gas standard volume flow measurement and eliminate billing discrepancies. A 5% difference in gas specific gravity results in 5% difference in volume measurement.

45 minutes Workshop John Webster - Director Naural Gas Divisoin, Hutchinson Utilities Commission
Steve Eckhardt - Flow Sales Representative, Emerson
Hans Loewenheath - Product Specialist, Emerson
2-159921 - The 10 Most Challenging Flow Applications for a Pulp & Paper Mill - Part 2 Last year's popular workshop is back with new applications and more detailed financial justification to address these challenging flow and density measurements in a pulp and paper mill, from noisy stock flows, expensive additives, aggressive chemicals, abrasive materials, and high process temperatures, to varying steam quality and fuels. Selecting and installing the right technology and configuration is critical for effective flow and density measurement in any typical paper mill. This workshop will help users fully understand the benefit of intelligent field devices to address difficult applications. 45 minutes Workshop Vincent Miller - Southeast Flow Specialist, Emerson
2-160339 - Cyberpax Increased Product Quality and Safety using Aerosol Micro Leak Detection System Cyberpax is a leading Aerosol Filling factory in Thailand performing contract filling for leading international brand owners, with cosmetics as their core product. Producing safe and quality aerosol products are imperative as LPG, which is flammable, is used as propellant. When their factory started up, they were running their lines at less than 100 cans/min. However, due to increasing demand from consumers globally, there is a need to increase operating speed to match the demand, while meeting the stringent quality and safety requirements from their customers. After installing Emerson's CT2211, they are able to increase their operating speed up to 220cans/min. This system also brought in additional benefits such as enhanced safety and substantial improvement in product quality. 45 minutes Workshop Stefan Lau - Business Development Engineer, Emerson
2-160436 - Reducing your maintenance budget on your compressor stations with Rosemount Level Switches As one of the largest full-service providers of midstream logistics in the western United States, Andeavor Logistics is always looking for efficiencies. They are exploring ways to reduce operating expenses by upgrading technologies. Our goal was to implement a replacement device to reduce life cycle cost, device validation, and reduce information bottlenecks. Utilizing the new Rosemount 2140 level switch allowed an efficient conversion to a new technology to save time and money. All in all, it allowed Andeavor to save $1200 at more than 200 locations each annually. 45 minutes Workshop Anthony Allan - Maintenance Supervisor, Andeavor Logistics
Joshua Haiar - Sr. Sales Representative, Emerson
2-160500 - Reducing Unplanned Shutdowns on Reciprocating Compressor with AMS 2140 Portable Analyzer Extend your vision to the health of your reciprocating compressor with tools you already have in-house, the AMS 2140 portable analyzer. You can determine the health of the compressor's valves, rings and mechanical components such as whether the wrist pin is seeing rod reversal; all with the AMS 2140. This workshop will teach you how to set up the software and hardware to be the in-house expert on your recip! 45 minutes Workshop Chris Harrell - Reliability Engineer, Westlake
Gary Adams - Reliability Solutions Group Manager, John H. Carter Company / ControlWorx
Scott Bassett, Emerson
2-160527 - India's largest Lube Producer uses Wireless Tank Farm Management to improve Efficiency and Safety Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL), India's largest Lube manufacturer owns a Lube Refinery and 6 Lube Plants across India. They had concerns over utilizing the limited storage capacity to the full potential. Also, the Pollution Control Board imposed Environmental safety regulations for overspill. Wireless, SIL2 certified, Tank gauging systems combined with Vibrating Fork Level switches improved the capacity utilization of the tanks to 95%, while complying with the Safety Regulations. Usable capacity increased by 5000KL equivalent to 5.5%, thereby increasing the revenue by 15M US$ per year. 45 minutes Workshop Vijay Vidyasagar - Product Manager, Asia Pacific, Emerson
2-160790 - “Flex” on Tough Enhanced Oil Recovery Applications with the Flexim USM How do you measure the flow rate of gases in extreme conditions? Pressures up to 10,000 psi? Temperatures up to 300 F? Flow rates up to 8MMSCFD? These typical Enhanced Oil Recovery specifications are usually too harsh for a standard in-line flow meter, but the Flexim Clamp-On Ultrasonic Meter can accurately measure the gas in this situation. ConocoPhillips planned to use natural gas for Enhanced Oil Recovery. To do so, they needed to measure the injection gas flow rate into the well. The Flexim meter allowed ConocoPhillips to effectively measure the flow rate to optimize the process. For the first time in South Texas, ConocoPhillips was able to use Enhanced Oil Recovery and extend the life of the wells by an additional 20 months at an average flow rate of 1400 BPD. 45 minutes Workshop Kirk Romero - Sr. I&E Facilities Engineer, ConocoPhillips
Jacob Ceasar - Account Manager, Emerson
2-160814 - Got coke? Avoiding heater tube cracking/fouling with wireless pressure and temperature profiling. NOVA Chemicals was in search of an innovative method to measure pressure downstream of a critical flow venturi on an ethylene cracking heater that was formally used for cracking naphtha. The pressure measurements on the heater tubes delivers critical information to operations and the advance process control group to extend “de-coke” time longer than ever before and gain insight into a critical assets health without concern of cracking heater tubes. 45 minutes Workshop Adam Mckinlay - I/E Field Coordinator, NOVA Chemicals
Forogh Askari, Lakeside Process Controls Ltd.
Ryan Mackenzie - Ontario, Lakeside Process Controls
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